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Empire Chandeliers

I’m currently in Toronto for work and noticed that a new restaurant is opening at the Thompson Hotel on Wellington called Colette Grand Cafe and Bakery. I believe its official opening will be sometime this summer. The reason I noticed is because as i was taking a walk one evening, I spotted rows of gorgeous French empire chandeliers. Fitting, as its slated to be a Parisian-inspired restaurant and bakery. Being the weirdo that I am, I just had to press up against the tinted windows to get a better look. It didn’t take long before contractors at the site were giving me that "you’re sketchy, please leave" look, so I continued on my way. All that to say, that ever since, I’ve been thinking about empire chandeliers a lot. I rarely like chandeliers and find most of them tacky but empire chandeliers are a different breed in my book. As opposed to a more ornate chandelier, I love how the empire style adds instant glamour to a room without disrupting a minimal look due to its clean shape. I think this is also why I tend to prefer empire chandeliers without candles or extra decoration on the sides.

Enjoy the empire-esque inspiration! You might also like these Marjorie Skouras chandeliers I posted a while back

On an unrelated note, Thompson Diner has amazing fried chicken and is open 24hrs. Fried chicken. 24hrs. Do check it out.

Photos via My scandinavian Home, Urban Kaleidoscope, Karen Barlow, Leopard Spots, 1st Dibs


Trend Forecast: Black and White Patterned Bathroom Floors

I’ve loved this look for the longest time but it seems to be having a moment lately around the blogosphere. The great thing about a busy, patterned bathroom floor is that it’ll take longer to get grubby since the pattern hides dirt and imperfections well. Opt for grey instead of white grout and the upkeep will be minimal. I love pairing a stark, monochrome pattern with organic accessories like wood or Tajine/raffia baskets. It creates a beautiful contrast that also strikes a balance within the room. Enjoy these inspirational images—I’m normally a geometric kinda girl but I can’t take my eyes off that Moroccan tile!

Photos via Remodelista and Style at Home

Kitchens that Caught my Eye

While a classic all-white kitchen with subway tile will always have my heart, here are a few kitchens that caught my eye lately for being anything but typical.

Via Apartment Therapy and Cocozy

Your Childhood + Pantone

While designers have been borrowing the Pantone aesthetic for ages, Y&R Shanghai has brought us the ultimate mashup: Famous children’s characters in the form of Pantone color swatches. These minimalist designs feature the eyes of well known kids’ characters, giving a personality to each color. The idea is to introduce a younger generation of artists to the world of Pantone but I’m sure little big kids like me will be equally delighted.

Via Fubiz

Art Thou Hungry?

I love it when I’m sitting in a restaurant or cafe and the walls are covered in art. There’s just something about fusing dining and artistic environment that really adds to the whole experience. Food + Art, what’s not to love? Sketch restaurant in London has long taken this concept to new heights and has become a destination for food, art and music. The restaurant recently enlisted the collaboration of artist David Shrigley and furniture designer India Madhavi. Shrigley is best known for his cartoon-like sketches that satirize everyday, mundane situations. His art includes statements like, “No More Folk Songs,” “Don’t Touch my Hair,” and “Stick Your Synthetic Burger up your Arse.” This isn’t the first time Sketch has taken part in such an unexpected collaboration. In 2011, the restaurant commissioned a maximal interior style from artist Martin Creed.Creed left quite a mark on the space with his zig-zag floors made from 96 different marbles. This place is now officially on my restaurant bucket list! 



I’m Only Happy When it Rains

…I’m only happy when it’s complicated. And though I know you can’t appreciate it. I’m only happy when it rains. Love that song! But I’ll stop reciting Garbage lyrics to tell you about this awesome interactive lamp by Richard Clarkson. It looks and acts like a cloud, hence its name—The Cloud. It can sound like a storm is approaching and with a built-in speaker system, you can even stream music via Bluetooth. Motion sensors can detect someone’s presence and color-changing lights offer unique lighting possibilities. To find out more, click here


Eat your heart out Martha Stewart! Just kidding, Martha Stewart would probably laugh at this garland. But, it’s cheap, cute and easy—three qualities you should look for in just about anything haha. I’m clearly on a roll tonight! Anyway, I wanted to make a garland for my friend’s surprise bridal shower that was held recently and I already had a roll of beige lace. The vibe we were going for was casual, southern BBQ meets vintage lemonade stand. These are the things that emerge from my mind which would explain why my mind is so full.

What you’ll need:

A roll of lace/string/cord (depending on what look you’re going for)

A pack of paper doilies (can be purchased at any Dollar Store)

A measuring tape or ruler to measure how far apart you want the doilies and how long you want your cord (garland) to be


Cut the lace or cord according to how long you need your garland to be. Decide how far apart you want your doilies to be and then fold the doily over the cord so that it’s bent over it. Then glue the two ends of the doily together and repeat until your garland’s complete. That’s it, easy-peazy!






Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska creates laser-engraved wooden rolling pins print designs onto cookie dough.


Oh Joy Wallpaper for Hygge & West

While shopping for outdoor decorations for my friend’s bridal shower I came across this line aptly named Oh Joy. Their line for Target features everything from lanterns to picnic baskets, all in fun fresh colors perfect for summer! I had to find out more about this brand and when I dug around a little online I was most taken with their gold wallpaper for Hygge & West featured above. I’ve never been a florals kind of girl but I’m slightly obsessed with this wallpaper. As you can see above, I love how versatile it is—it looks equally great in a nursery, living room, bedroom, office, and I’ve even seen it used in powder rooms.

Mixing Metals in a Black and White Kitchen

I love the look of mixing metals in a black and white kitchen. People are usually hesitant to try this out but the results can be amazing. Brass and gold warms up a monochrome palette and really lends a certain richness to a kitchen. Those chairs are a lovely unexpected touch! If you’re in Montreal, Must Love Furniture has very similar dining chairs. 

Via Dressing The Room